The Captain looks down at me where I kneel at his feet with a look of shock and
surprise on his face. My ruse has worked, and I have him bound with ropes to the
chair in the parlour. So quick and unexpected are my manoeuvres that he does not
even try to escape or fend me off.
“Please forgive me for what I'm about to do. I simply could not let you leave
tomorrow without... Without...” I can't even tell him what I have planned for him, so
brazen is my plan, so base my desires. After securing him tightly, I go to the great
doors that lead to the parlour and lock them. I had spoken discretely with the servants
earlier and demanded no one enter until summoned, while I entertain the Captain. I
had them set all we may require on a service table prior to his arrival.
I go to the windows and draw the great velvet curtains across the expansive leaded
glass, it would make the room sweltering hot in no time, but I need privacy. Certainly
any noise coming from within the parlour would not be overheard outside as there was
drumming and piping, and all manner of loud fare-welling going on throughout the
town. The Captain and his men, along with two other squadrons, are leaving in the
morning. They go to track and destroy the pirate scourge that has flourished in the
nearby seas, threatening all the towns and plantations in the area. It was not a month
earlier that the very town I see from the window was under fiery attack. The memory
of it makes me shudder, for the pirates had looted this very house, and turned their eye
to me. Were it not for the Captain and his timely arrival, I could have been kidnapped,
like the Glaston girl was... Or worse. My gratitude and love for the Captain is
immense. Now is my chance to repay him, which is why I lured him here, and
promised to kiss him if he sat in the chair, closed his eyes, and let me loop cords over
his wrists. I feared he may take advantage of me in my wanton moment of generous
affection I said. But instead of kissing him I had bound his ankles swiftly as well. He
was my captive. Now was my chance, perhaps the only chance I would have, for
tomorrow he would sail to his death, possibly... At the very least he could be maimed,
at the very worst, become a pirate himself.
“What is the meaning of this Miss?” the Captain asked, his shock replaced with
injured wariness. “And what about that kiss?” “My dear Captain,” I gush, and
crumple once again at his feet in supplication. Never has he looked more desirable to
me, his fine features framed so perfectly with his jet black hair, wearing his dress
uniform of bright red and navy, with golden twist and sparkling brass buttons. “You
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