shall have your kiss, and more. I will have you this night.” He stops breathing for a
moment, then exhales - blurting out, “Whatever do you mean, Miss?” his face going
rather ashen. I spell it out as plainly as possible.
“Tonight you and I will be lovers”. He is aghast, so I explain myself. “Once
you and your crew leave, the town will be vulnerable, and the pirates will attack. You
know this. And, as it has been proven, neither my family nor these walls and our
good name will protect me here. I am determined to decide for myself who will share
in the pleasures of my body. I pray to God that he bless me with a babe in the belly
from our lovemaking. Then I will never have to endure, what so many women must
after being attacked, to gestate and bring forth a filthy pirate spawn into the world.”
For a moment he could not speak, and thankfully he did not sputter on about how we
are not married, or even betrothed, for that was all quite obvious, and I didn't care.
“I will swing from the gallows for such a crime against you,” he said. “Possibly,
but not likely given the present situation, and I certainly shall not hide that I entrapped
you, that it was my will,” I countered. “Perhaps I will swing. I am not afraid.” “Your
parents will have me shot,” he continued. “Not if you are killed on the high seas... Not
if they are killed in the next attack.”
“They could come upon us at any time!”
“They will give me privacy with you this night. They believe it highly possible
you will be shortly killed and will let me have this time unchaperoned, trusting in your
propriety.” There is a pause in our exchange, and I look up longingly at him. “What
on Earth do you intend to do, woman?” he finally asks, his voice somewhat unsteady,
sweat gathering on his brow and upper lip, a lip I desire so deeply to kiss. “Well, I
knew you would be reluctant and would protest, so I have made preparations.” I
reveal a small silver tin I have hidden in my bodice.
I explain.
During my time on this wretched Island I have been lucky enough to be allowed
to befriend the daughter of the Chief of the local natives, who are tattooed seafaring
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