enthusiastic expression that is hard for me to describe. I think for a moment the ropes
are too tight or something like that, but when he wordlessly nods encouragement I
decide I have misinterpreted the look. When I take his hot flesh into my mouth, it is
numb all the way back to my throat , and my tongue seems clumsy, and I fear I am
providing the poorest example of this sort of pleasuring he's experienced. The cream
also makes my mouth salivate, which is also messy. The captain can't control himself
and lets out some cries as though he is in pain, saying the word “Yes” over and over in
a hushed fashion. Nothing spurs me on like that. I try to do better. I taste saltiness.
His first attempts to speak fail, but he finally sputters... “Please, please take me!
Please come sit on my lap dear woman, lady of my heart, lady of all my desires,
please ...!”
I have exposed him, now it is time to expose myself. I stand before him. He no
longer looks shocked and horrified, but rather more relaxed, as though he is just now
beginning to enjoy himself and not think about the possible consequences, for the line
is well crossed already. He is smiling even. As I gather the generous folds of my skirt
his smile broadens, and his breathing increases. “This is quite possibly the best
moment of my life, Sweet Miss,” he says breathlessly, and I am filled with joy and
renewed boldness, and reveal to him my nakedness. His face melts into such a visage
of adoration that I am overcome, and nearly leaping into his lap, position myself
above him, arranging the bulk of my skirt behind me so I remain exposed to him. I
am well pleased with the progress we are making the moment has come, and I feel I
may go mad I am so eager for it. With all my heart I am open to him, and my body is
following suit.
As he watches, I spread the
between my own legs, applying it to my lips
and the folds hidden within, then gently push my fingers inside myself, where it is
tight and tender, the place where I wanted him to be. Scooping out a little more, I rub
it all over his gorgeous flesh, his pleasure obvious as he pushes back against my hand,
showing me the movement he wants to make inside of me. The earthy smell of the
ointment reminds me of the forest, and awakens in me an old memory of good and
natural things, of being an a wild animal. I position my opening above his shaft, my
eyes locked on his. “Now!” he whispers, and I slide slowly down. There is no
discomfort, and I am able to feel how he fills me so well. I exhale as I tip my face to
the ceiling, and slide down more. Slow rythmic back and forth movements and he is
positioned perfectly inside me, and I am filled with joy.
That is when the first knockings at the door sounded, followed by a serving
girl's voice calling, “Miss? Miss?” She has heard us, obviously.
The knocking ceases. The heat increases. We are looking deep into each others
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