salve on her lips she entreated him to kiss her, which he did gladly - for a long time.
Boldly she reached into his short skirt of grass leaves and would have exposed his
man parts to me, had I not looked away just in time. They were all laughing now and
coaxing me to look, but I could not.
In time
had another idea, and fetching a purple sweet potato, a long
tuberous vegetable that grew in their gardens, she applied the cream to one end.
Without hesitation she inserted the sweet potato into her mouth, pushing it in gently,
until I could tell it was at the back of her throat and she could push it no further. She
removed and re-inserted the potato a few times, which made all the young men
gathered round hum and make noises as though they were eating tasty food. I didn't
think the raw sweet potato looked very tasty at all. The girls were giggling at
and her demonstration, and at me as I watched bewildered. One of them took some of
the cream on the tips of her fingers and applied it to her nipples, at which I blushed
and averted my eyes again, only to see another do the same and apply it to herself
between her legs, behind her own grass skirts. The men were all humming again and
trying to loop their arms over the young girls' shoulders, which started a game I had
witnessed being played before, the most improper game I could ever imagine.
Clutching my tin of ointment I fled the village and returned home, with so many
improper thoughts swirling through my mind that I thought I may damn myself. But
surely this hot pirate infested place, was already like living in Hell on Earth. And I
had kept my tin of
hidden, secret until now. The Captain eyed it suspiciously.
“I should tell you,” I began, “that I am not wearing any undergarments.” It was
not what he was expecting, and as his demeanour turned incredulous, I did as I'd been
shown and smeared the cream on my lips, climbed onto his lap, and without him being
able to resist, took his mouth in mine. It was the most delicious thing I'd ever tasted -
not the cream, it was pungent though not unpleasant - but his mouth, his lips, his
At first he hesitated, then with sudden abandon, engaged his mouth back,
kissing me fully, eating my lips as I tried to devour his. At first the salve desensitized
my lips, then turned to a hot sensation, which spread to my entire body like wildfire.
He too was overcome with heat as our mouths slid together in a messy dance. I pulled
away, loosened his collar and undid the buttons of his coat and vest, and the white
tunic below them. He seemed grateful but could not speak. I continued on my course.
I dipped my fingers into the tin again, and shifting slightly in my bodice, forced my
breasts to bulge through the top, exposing my tiny pink nipples, and applied the salve.
The captain exhaled with a whimper, his eyes fixed on my bosom, his mouth open,
inviting. I filled it with my own mouth and let my nipples rub on his bare chest,
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