people. Her name is
and she is considered a princess amongst her people, so it
was deemed admissible that we interact. The exchange of language is helpful in
dealings between the two peoples living here, though I am forbidden to go to the
village. It was beyond the protection of the soldiers, and the natives do not clothe
themselves fully. However, I have broken tabu many times and gone there in secret
on occasion. The last time I went I had a secret mission - to obtain the
In the centre of the village is an open area, where people gather to do their
various tasks, where dogs and children run about naked, and where one time I
witnessed the young women gather to do a special chore.
told me how only the
virgins of the tribe were allowed to chew the root of the plants used in the
explained why she was exempt from participation. The young girls, their breasts bare
and their long black hair wild and free, chewed the root, laughing and joking together
as they did so, spitting out the mash onto banana leaves. Some older women took the
mash, added water and strained it, then served it in coconut halves to the men of the
village, who were entertaining some hunters from a neighbouring village. The
princess continued to explain that the root was also made into a salve that was used by
couples during lovemaking, especially by young girls and virgins, to enhance the
experience and calm their fears.
After the last pirate attack on the town, I decided on my plan to woo the
Captain, and went to the village to obtain some of the salve.
was surprised but
happy, voicing many times that I was going to wither away if I avoided such relations.
She herself has many lovers, and although we are friends, it is clear the ways of her
people are improper, as improper as my plans of seduction.
The day I went to the village to obtain the
Kkiss, Para
took me to her mother's
hut where the cream was made. The elder woman put the newly brewed mix into the
little tins the trading company used for their spices. When we were alone I asked
how to use it. She laughed and called out to some of the young hunters and
women who were her friends, and they joined us. To my horror she went to
demonstrate with one of the hunters I knew she was particularly fond of. Rubbing the
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