He presses me with a kiss I can not break free of, do not want to break free of,
so hard I can not breath, do not want to breath. In this timeless moment I cry out and
come, breathlessly. Waves of pure glory wash over me again and again, until I believe
I am the ocean itself crashing on his shores. He gives a mighty roar, throwing back
his head and screaming to the heavens as he enjoys the sweet agony of his release.
When he looks back down at me, he is a god in my eyes, wild and powerful, perfect.
Mine. I know I will carry that image, so beautiful in my mind, until my death. I care
little for the troubles that may arise between this moment - and my last. I am
The doors crack. It will be moments before they are through.
He slides his tongue into my mouth as he slides his member from my warmth.
One last chance to taste him before he flees, before he leaves to face whatever horrors
are his fate. I savour it, his lips and tongue, his face. All smelling and tasting of the
earth and all that is natural...
“Good bye for now my sweet Miss.”
“Good bye dear Captain.”
And he is gone... Out of one of the windows I presume. I am left where I lay on
the table top with the food, my skirts pushed high, my legs spread wide. I am tempted
to remain in this pose, to be discovered by the butlers and servants in brazen delight,
but right myself seconds before the doors finally give way, and the ineffectual
doormen enter in a charge. They know they are too late and do not even pretend to
give chase out of the windows. Sheepishly they look at me in my happy state, see the
chair and discarded ropes, and look to one another blankly. It is the serving girl who
finally speaks.
“Going to have to replace them doors before the next pirate attack, Miss.”
A river of laughter erupts suddenly from me, and I don't even try to repress it as
I walk by them all. I can manage to spit out two words only.
“Don't bother.”
Manufactured in an Ecocert inspected food grade facility.
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Best if used by: 12/2013
Store the container upright, out of the sun, in a cool dry place.
Kkiss is a proprietory salve blend, made with herbs, roots, spices and resins. It is best opened and
shared together with your partner. The salve contains coconut, vegetable glycerine, panax,eluethero,
yaqona, exotic spices and vegetable emulsifiers. No animal ingredients are used. Made for you by
caring people. It is for external use.
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