which caused more heat to rise in us both. “Please let me suck them,” he whispered,
when I let him catch his breath. I did not understand. “Your nipples, sweet Miss,” he
explained and I happily complied, straddling his lap and pressing my breast to his lips.
He licked at first, then sucked hard, sending lightening bolts of pleasure all through
my body, especially to my woman parts between my legs, which where bare against
his rough trousers. I rode down on him and he groaned low like an animal. A button
caught on my delicate flesh in a most uncomfortable way and I moved off him,
sucking my breasts back into my bodice.
“Time to get rid of those” I announced and kneeling at his feet, set to work on
the belts, buttons and hooks that kept his trousers on. My fingers are not much used to
such things, but they make short work of it, and suddenly his engorged member
springs from the cloth before me. I gasp! I do not look away or feel shame or
embarrassment, although a red flush flashes across my face. I look at him, exposed
before me, vulnerable. Lust surges through parts of me that have never surged.
Fumbling through the folds of my skirt I find the purple sweet potato I have brought
and pull it out.
The Captain is surprised and I will admit I do not understand the intent of this
but, I am committed to doing as I was instructed. Taking the cream and applying it to
the smooth curved tip of the potato, I rub the tuber until it is coated, then - as Para
showed me - insert it into my mouth, pushing it in as far as I can. The captain watches
in amazement. I do it again and again. He can not look away. It is working, for his
member is standing at full attention, moving of its own accord it would seem, as if to
get a better view of what I am doing. I giggle, excited that my plan is working and his
demeanour is changing from reluctant to eager. His gorgeous man parts are purple
too, just like the potato.
In a flash I make the connection, nearly gag on the potato, and realize I am to
apply the
and my mouth to his sweet potato. I smile at him, and he returns an
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