eyes as we move together. He is constantly straining against the ropes, which
encourages my endearment in such an unexpected way, and I can't help but smother
him with kisses.
The world melts away. The smells of him, the
and our sex fill my senses,
and are all that exist. Our heated parts move and meld together. in a way so divine I
can not hold back my own cries of pleasure, and release them into the world, where
they echo in the great chamber. It is as though a million stars were coming into being
right where we are joined, as though the power of what we are doing is unleashing a
secret sacred energy, neither of us are expecting. The look of wonder and bliss upon
his face is food for my soul and all that is “wrong” about what we are doing has
Again there is knocking at the door, louder knocking and men's voices. I don't
care and let loose my groans of pleasure. Let them hear. The Captain, though it is
clear he does not want to stop, is not so free.
“If they get in here and I am like this, they will skewer me without question.”
He is right. Reluctantly I pull off, and fetching the knife I have nearby, cut the ropes
at his feet, then his hands.
Like an animal that has been caged he is on me, pressing me back until we hit
the table of refreshments, which he clears in one noisy, sweeping gesture, then sets me
atop it, scooping my skirts out of his way in another swift movement. There is a
hubub of activity on the other side of the doors, and as the Captain begins to bang up
against me, the men begin to bang something heavy against them.
“Please don't stop,” I whisper. “O yes, Dear Captain please give it to me,” I
beg. He too is expressing his pleasure without holding back, his escalating moans
announcing the approach of his rapturous explosion. It is all I need to hear to induce
my own. The door is starting to come away at the hinges.
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